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SMSLink Romania™ is the leading SMS platform in Romania currently used by over 900 corporate & SME customers from various industries, such as banking, insurance companies, automotive dealers, retailers and many others. is a complete solution, deploying services such as SMS Marketing, Mail2SMS, SMS Gateway, 2-Way SMS, SMS Alerts and Mobile Advertising.
SMSParking is a completely new and innovative way of non-cash payment of parking services and can be used for both parking in the urban streets and away from traffic roads. This way of payment of parking services is very simple, reduces business costs of the companies that collect parking fees and results in increased satisfaction of the customers who pay their parking fees.
LivePayment is an on-demand solution for Mobile Payments, SMS Micropayments and IMR (Interactive Messaging Response) services and solutions availabile in Vodafone, Orange and Cosmote. Easy deployment and implementation of mobile payments solutions, because of our flexible architecture. offers a solution for charging values starting from 0.10 EUR to 15 EUR, plus VAT.
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