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ASTINVEST works with new technologies and have vast knowledge in developing high availability applications. Our team has advanced knowledge and years of experience in providing on-demand solutions based on the following platforms:

  • UNIX® / Linux, Windows® Server and Windows® Azure™
  • MySQL, Microsoft® SQL Server and Postgre SQL
  • PHP 5, PHP 7, JavaScript etc.
  • SOAP, REST, WSDL API development
  • XHTML and CSS, including HTML 5

We provide on-demand or on-premise, high-availability solutions, with continuous technical support, to over 900 corporate and SME customers, from vast industries, such as:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Insurance Sector
  • Health and Pharmaceuticals
  • Professional Services

Contact us any time by visiting or dedicated solution's websites sending an e-mail at or by using the following contact coordinates.

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